Soon world will spend 50% on Digital ads

12/06/2018 - 31/12/2019

Team 6Degree

So how did Digital Marketing become an essential media channel for Brands in the world? We have tried to break it down in 3 key pointers:

/ people are media companies /

Think of Digital Content as a modern magazine or TV channel. These modern media advertises your message in a way that doesn’t annoy the consumer and aims to reach right consumer with positive and predicable ROI. With creative input, accurate planing & right targeting you can scale up and reduce media budget.

/ engagement over reach /

Regardless of platform, campaign type or medium the primary brand marketing matrix we optimise for is always engagement. It’s testament to relevance, attention, impact and easily benchmarked across other campaigns. Though your reach is important, the campaign engagement will explain how the message was received.

/ always go audience first /

Digital or Physical brand marketing should always focus on their audiences. Right audience, with right targeted campaign will create exceptionally high level of engagement with impact on other KPIs.

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