Gucci new pre-fall campaign - Soul Scene

Credits:  |   Publish From:  27/04/2017  -  Publish To:  30/09/2017


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Gucci have revealed their stunning pre-fall campaign, titled Soul Scene. The campaign features models - Achok Majak, Elibeidy, Bakay Diaby, Nicole Atieno and Keiron Berton Caynes, and all the models are along side wider cast of dancers. The campaign is shot by Glen Luchford & depicts a dancehall party, as well as models posed for stills in a makeshift studio… alongside a giant iguana.

The campaign was inspired by the energy of the UK's 60s Northern Soul subculture and black masculinity. The playful, graphic portraiture of Malian photographer Malick Sidibé caught Michele's eye in particular, with its documentation of nightlife and youth culture in his hometown of Bamako.