About us

About Us

Fashion is the heart and soul of
everything we do.​

6Degree of Separation

6Degree is India’s leading fashion business platform founded in 2014 by Amit Bhardwaj and Nikhil Hegde. There was a gap in the fashion business space that Amit and Nikhil set out to bridge – the absence of a platform that unifies the fashion industry. Thus, 6Degree emerged. A one stop shop for people in the fashion industry for all fashion business needs.
The name 6Degree is inspired from the 6Degree of Separation Theory that says any two people in the world can be linked in 6 steps. 6Degree aims to apply that theory in the fashion world linking people from various areas under one platform and become the digital backbone of the industry.

Our Journey so far

Meet the founders

Nikhil Hegde

An MBA graduate from the University of Leeds (UK),
who brings a decade long experience in business
consulting and growth strategy.

Amit Baradwaj

A techno-business expert who has been known to
build world class products across TATA enterprises
and European startups.


Who believe in us...

Want to be in vogue?
Check out 6Degree

6Degree is a startup in fashion, literally. It is the coming
together of talent and technology, the convergence of
designers, brands and fashion weeks, of passion and
theory, for the consumption of fashionistas.